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Juan Araya, from the Cal Poly Pomona Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, along with Jason Selwitz, Director of Service Learning at Green Empowerment, recently took a group of Cal Poly Pomona students on a service learning trip to Nicaragua. The group worked side-by-side with community members and one of G.E.’s Nicaraguan Partners, Asofenix, in the communities of Bramadero and Orozco on a variety of projects.  To read more about the students’ trip to Nicaragua head to the REnews Blog here.

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Location: Nueva Libertad, District of Chirinos, Province of San Ignacio, Cajamarca region, Peru.

Don Zabaleta and the Civil Works

Don Zabaleta as he is called in his community, is an exemplary parent, one of the founders, and thus greatly respected by all its neighbors. He has become the liaison for the project and has led the coordination of different tasks. About the project being implemented he says:

Look, I’ve lived in this community for 30 years, I am one of the founders, since that time, our community never had help from the mayors and other authorities in the region, so isolated as you can see, we do not have access, we have to walk hours to reach the place where we can catch a ride in a car to go to town, we have no water service, and we never thought we’d have energy. In recent years we began to negotiate with the municipality of Chirinos to support something, at least water, just recently the current mayor has paid attention and is working.

In January last year Mr. Villanueva of ITDG visited the community, indicating that through agreement with the mayor of Chirinos, the construction of hydro for the community had been proposed, if water and height conditions are favorable. The engineer made the measurements with good results, then talked with a group of neighbors who were there that day to make agreements on the implementation. To me it is important to have energy, I have a small wood shop where I work with my children, to move the engines I use a small gasoline generator, as you could understand the cost is very high and so it doesn’t work out. The energy of the hydro falls as a blessing from God, not only for me but for the rest of the community, the truth is it’s a dream that we hope will become reality soon, thanks to ITDG and the people who are donating their money, also the mayor of Chirinos and my neighbors, all working with enthusiasm to finish as soon as possible.

To date we have completed all the works, such as intake, channel, forebay, piping and the house where the equipment will go, we’ve also installed most of the grid, we’re just waiting for the mayor to pay the invoice to the company of the equipment, so that the equipment can come, install it and conduct the tests. The mayor has said it would be any day now, we hope he complies. Thank you

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You may have seen on our website that it is time for the 4th Annual Andina Benefit Dinner for Green Empowerment.  This year, we are honored to enjoy Andina’s sublime hospitality in their new special event space upstairs from the main restaurant.  You will not only enjoy five courses with matching wines when you attend the Andina Benefit.  You will be helping the communities whose rich history and culture have infused the food you will eat.

Please take a moment to let us know that you’re coming. Please note – Feb 9th is SOLD OUT and only a handful of seats remain for Feb. 10th so make sure to reserve your seat ASAP!  You can buy tickets online now or reserve seats for payment by check. Each seat is $150, and over half of the ticket price supports Green Empowerment’s work in Peru.

For more information about this extraordinary evening that supports Green Empowerment’s work in Peru, please click here.  Also, please stay tuned for details regarding this year’s silent auction, which you would certainly not want to miss.

Thank you very much for your support of Green Empowerment, and we’ll hope to see you soon!

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