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Green Empowerment receives donations for Micro-Hydro projects in Nicaragua if you shop through www.nicebuy.org

You do not have to buy anything on nicebuy,  just use the site as a portal and Green Empowerment receives a portion of the funds of your purchase.

Retailers include: Best Buy, Amazon, itunes and more!

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Anna Garwood, Green Empowerment’s Program Director, has been working from Cajamarca, Peru for the last 18 months and has finally returned! She will be interviewed Live by KGW on Channel 8 tonight, Feb. 1!   Anna will be spotlighting our recent community wind, water and fresh water projects in Peru and addressing next years exciting developments!

Anna Garwood

Be sure not to miss this live coverage featuring Green Empowerment. If you did happen to miss the interview, it is now available online!!

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