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Marjorie and Stephen Kafoury will host the Friends of the Q’ero Community event Monday, June 7, 2010 at Andina restaurant.

Green Empowerment supports Friends of the Q’ero Community of Peru in building a new school. Once completed, the school will serve as a learning and community development center for the entire Marcachea community. Home to 57 families and a total of 376 inhabitants, the current school in Marcachea is in deplorable condition with inadequate school supplies, run-down latrines, and unacceptable living quarters for the teachers.

There will be a presentation on the Q’ero people, last living descendants of the Incas, followed by details about the project and time for questions.

Contact maggy@mhenryinteriors.com for more information.

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‘Meet a Green Empowerment Volunteer’ is a new installment on the Green Empowerment blog that highlights past and current Green Empowerment volunteers. Green Empowerment is very lucky to have various committed volunteers and this blog segment will allow the Green Empowerment community to get to know these fantastic individuals.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.  – Oscar Wilde

Dave Lindoo is the first volunteer to be featured.  Well done Dave and best of wishes on your journey to Peru!

Dave Lindoo

Hi, I am Dave Lindoo and I have chosen to volunteer six months of my time to travel to Cajamarca, Peru with Green Empowerment and help create, develop, and maintain renewable energy projects starting July of this year. I feel very lucky for having the opportunity to volunteer with Green Empowerment and I look forward to helping people in developing countries create and maintain sustainable projects that improve their lives. Ever since I’ve graduated with my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology I’ve only wanted to put that degree and knowledge towards the renewable energy industry. I believe it is a very promising field and it is our future. I also believe it the best choice for rural areas in developing countries because it is far more economical than extending the grid (which usually isn’t an option anyway) and each project can be specifically catered to the village’s needs.

To learn more about Dave or donate to the project in Cajamarca please visit his blog!

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The actions of Walt Ratterman speak more clearly about his character than anything I could write. He has personally brought light to thousands of people around the world.  For example, he was the driving force behind bringing solar power to 37 clinics in Burma, serving over  170,000 internally displaced people a year. We had the honor of knowing and learning from Walt, an exemplary humanitarian dedicated to improving life around the world with renewable energy. We traveled and worked together in Thailand, Laos, Philippines, Peru and Nicaragua, while he was Program Director of Green Empowerment from 2003-2006. He worked side by side installing solar panels with Shuar natives in the jungles of Ecuador, traversed the rapids of rivers in Borneo to help on a micro-hydro project, and taught renewable energy in the highlands of Peru. He could easily make friends with people around the world, despite the language barriers, because anyone could relate to his sense of humor and down-to-earth friendliness. In 2006 he founded SunEnergy Power International , carried on his long-time work with Knightsbridge International, and continued to inspire everyone with his hard work, unwavering sense of justice and belief that everyone deserves to be treated as equals. In January, 2010, his dedication to humanity brought him to Haiti, where he was working on the installation of solar power for clinics. He was there when the earthquake hit. Friends and family searched for him in the ruins and sent their prayers.  Tragically, he did not survive, but his legacy lives on. He has taught me, and hundreds of others, that humility is a powerful force that can change the world.

-Anna Garwood and the Green Empowerment team

As a testiment to how many lives he has touched, as of writing this, there are 1882 fans of his Facebook page…


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