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Green Empowerment is a global expert in connecting off-grid villages with renewable energy sources. Check out their write up in the Sustainable Business Oregon!

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Weekly Power Up!

  • Sea kites getting a shot as renewable energy. If only Kevin Cosner had these available in Water World…
  • An edible home that would make the witch in Hanzel & Gretel envious.
  • Poo Power! The Toronto Zoo plans to power its facility and zoo exhibits from animal manure. Elephants are going to become top energy producers!
  • Is Direct Drive the Future? No gears wind turbines are lighter, cheaper and more reliable. Green Empowerment uses the direct drive model in Alumbre Peru!
  • IKAROS: Japan powers a space craft using solar sails.

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Green Living Project, a leading media production and marketing company, headed down to Central America in the spring of 2010 to document leading sustainablity-related initiatives that use best practices in various fields (sustainable tourism, community development, etc.).

Green Empowerment was one of the featured partners and the Green Living Project focused on highlighting the work that the organization has been doing in Nicaragua with Asofenix.

To view the Green Living Project expedition and learn more about the project’s that were featured please visit www.greenlivingproject.com. In addition, keep your eyes open for the Green Living Project video to soon be featured on the Green Empowerment website.

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