Green Empowerment is a global expert in connecting off-grid villages with renewable energy sources. Check out their write up in the Sustainable Business Oregon!


Support work that creates healthy and empowered citizens of the world! The Development Director will be responsible for developing and implementing a fundraising strategy that incorporates individual donor cultivation and corporate appeals, fundraising events, and submission of grants for capacity-building, and development and implementation of digital and written communications efforts. Job closes 7/11. Please see the attached description for more information. Development Director Job Description

Impact work that delivers sustainable water and electricity solutions to rural areas of the world! Accounting Specialist responsibilities include but are not limited to Green Empowerment’s financial records, individual donor database, and office support. Job closes 6/29. Please see the attached for more information.

Accounting Specialist Job Description

Green Empowerment’s Michel Maupoux Lectures at Stanford University
May 26, 2010

As the featured speaker for Gil Masters’ Electric Power Renewables & Efficiency class, Michel Maupoux relied on his field experience to address over 80 Stanford students and Bay Area Green Empowerment guests. Michel’s talk highlighted Green Empowerment’s (GE) proven development model for implementing renewable energy technologies in off-the-grid, remote communities. A few students were given specific technical information on GE technologies in use, while some expressed interest in collaborating with GE. Before the lecture, Michel received a personal tour of Gil’s own solar and energy lab, while both had a chance to compare notes about their respective solar energy work since the 1970’s.

Engineering Professor Emeritus Gil Masters has inspired several generations of Stanford University students, and many others, to make environmental issues their life work. Michel Maupoux is a seasoned educator on solar photovoltaic and water pumping systems. With Green Empowerment, Michel has provided design and hands-on installation of solar water pumping systems in Nicaragua and the Philippines, and of community solar electrification in Peru.

The Stanford invitation was a real honor for Green Empowerment, a recognized leader in village-scale renewable energy projects. Director of Development, Joan Gardner, is the contact for this and any future consulting and speaking engagement requests, joan@greenempowerment.org

Marjorie and Stephen Kafoury will host the Friends of the Q’ero Community event Monday, June 7, 2010 at Andina restaurant.

Green Empowerment supports Friends of the Q’ero Community of Peru in building a new school. Once completed, the school will serve as a learning and community development center for the entire Marcachea community. Home to 57 families and a total of 376 inhabitants, the current school in Marcachea is in deplorable condition with inadequate school supplies, run-down latrines, and unacceptable living quarters for the teachers.

There will be a presentation on the Q’ero people, last living descendants of the Incas, followed by details about the project and time for questions.

Contact maggy@mhenryinteriors.com for more information.

  • Sea kites getting a shot as renewable energy. If only Kevin Cosner had these available in Water World…
  • An edible home that would make the witch in Hanzel & Gretel envious.
  • Poo Power! The Toronto Zoo plans to power its facility and zoo exhibits from animal manure. Elephants are going to become top energy producers!
  • Is Direct Drive the Future? No gears wind turbines are lighter, cheaper and more reliable. Green Empowerment uses the direct drive model in Alumbre Peru!
  • IKAROS: Japan powers a space craft using solar sails.

A Green Empowerment representative will be lecturing at Stanford University on Wednesday, May 26th.

Michel Maupoux, Southeast Asia Program Director and Green Empowerment Technical Director, is the featured guest speaker for the class: Electric Power- Renewables & Efficiency- in the Atmosphere/Energy Program.  The invitation is from Gil Masters, Stanford Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering.  The talk will address Green Empowerment’s development model and focus on the challenges of implementing renewable energy technologies in off-the-grid, remote communities.  A limited number of Green Empowerment patrons are invited to attend.

Green Empowerment offers professional consulting and speaking opportunities to interested parties.

For more information contact Joan Gardner, Director of Development at Green Empowerment.  joan@greenempowerment.org